Stop Slavery

Seeing is Believing

When I went to Passion 2012 earlier this January I saw something pretty spectacular.  45,000 college students giving over 2.6 Million dollars.  That is incredible!  Not only did we raise that money to stop slavery, but we helped build something that stood in Atlanta for several days symbolizing the freedom we gave those slaves.  After hearing about modern day slavery and then seeing what a group of college students can do, it really opened my heart and mind to how real this was.


Freedom: Indifference Is Not An Option

This is a four-part short film that depicts the lives of former modern day slaves.  It is meant to inform us on how even though we thought slavery was a thing of the past it is actually at its highest point in history.  I am focusing just on the first episode for now.  It starts off with a few facts about modern day slavery; I believe that this is an excellent way to start off the piece; it begins to build our awareness before it gets into the meat of the film.  Then we see the beginning of a fictionalized story off a slave who is trying to escape from the place she is being kept.  This gives us a look on how slaves are being treated in the modern day and what they have to go through to get out.  After this we start hearing the beginning of some former slaves and their true stories.  They each give us some background information on the former victims and what they have been through as they grew up, if it was that they were born into slavery or that they grew up in normal circumstances.  This is good because it gives us some insight on what goes on nowadays in slavery and makes us want to continue watching the series to see how these former slaves survived and escaped, and what organizations helped them do this.

27 Million

Most people do not know that slavery still exits and in fact there are approximately 27 Million slaves in the world today.  That is more than anytime ever in recorded history.  We try to think that slavery is a thing of the past and just does not exist anymore.  But, organizations such as SlaveFree are working to stop this and we need to do our part to help.

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